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What is the Best ERP System For Midsized and Project Based Company

Before choosing the best ERP system for a midsized project based company, it's important to understand the difference between traditional ERP systems and projects. Most of the current popular ERP systems have evolved from MRP, or manufacturing resource planning. They’ve tried to adapt a service-based or project-based system. However, they need to make significant changes that are difficult to maintain. This makes these systems very challenging and ineffective.

What is the Best ERP System For Midsized and Project Based Company

Software utilizing a "bolt-on" style of customization may be hard to find. These programs are meant for small-to-medium sized companies with a focus on project management and creation. They can be used in conjunction with traditional enterprise resource planning software to streamline the process for creating to order products. This makeshift solution is far from a complete enterprise resource planning program.

Small and project-based businesses require holistic ERP solutions to cover all aspects of a project. Businesses without an end-to-end ERP system still benefit from using one that offers vertical functionality. This can include inventory management, demand-based inventory replenishment, matrix pricing, calculation of landing costs for inventory, calculation of consumer and volume prices, and quote management. By planning projects with these features and avoiding shortages and oversupplies, business owners can maximize profits.

Small to medium sized business can find project management integrated with their accounting in most ERP systems. For a made-to-order company, the vertical needs to offer a more in depth understanding of project based accounting. Users need to see a complete picture of all resources involved with the project, including human and material resources. These have to be included in resource planning as well as availability. If a company uses ERP software for larger projects, they must provide quotes and project management features. This includes resource planning, availability and integrated project accounting and quote management. These functions must include both material and human resources.

An advanced ERP system for a midsize company is required. This system should include budgeting and order management as well as fulfillment and accounting features. Many of these systems claim to offer these features, but few can be economically feasible for smaller businesses. Additional features are often too expensive to add or too difficult to customize for most companies.

Companies of a certain size and specific projects can use Deltek and Agresso’s ERP systems. These systems are specifically made for companies that don’t need to change anything before using them. Another option is SaaS-based Netsuite, which is also an ERP system. Netsuite is a solution that can be used by any company planning to use technology for growth or development. It has been used by many companies that provide very strong accounting, project and inventory management features.