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A Look at Some of the Best Free Video Editing Software

Whenever a person records video, their finished product needs extensive post-production work. This is because video footage needs to be edited to be watchable before it's released to the public. Ideally, this process should be seamless and quick using the right software. It's hard to decide which video-editing program is the best for your needs. That's because many software options are available for you to pick from. Learn more about the best free video-editing programs available by reading this article.

Free Video Editing


Macs are great for managing media due to the included iMovie video editing software. This free app is one of the best options for editing videos; even professional editors can benefit from all its tools. It’s bundled with every Mac and is also available as a standalone program. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to import videos from a wide range of devices. Furthermore, creating movies in iMovie is easy with this software because it has a clean interface. People can also export movies created in iMovie to YouTube or burn them to a DVD.

Windows Movie Maker enables easy video recording and editing on Windows computers.

Windows machines include Windows Movie Maker as an option for making movies with a PC. However, this wouldn’t be an option for movies made with a Mac instead. Instead, Mac users are forced to use iMovie when making movies. This software is very easy to use and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. This program allows users to easily add video and picture files into movie projects. Its interface doesn't have the same cleanness as iMovie, but it still includes basic movie effects that most home movie makers need. Windows Movie Maker doesn't support many popular video formats. If this is a problem for you, download a video converter program to easily fix the issue. Another common gripe with this software is that it's not compatible with Windows.


Many classic Hollywood movies were made using video editing software made by the Lightworks company. These programs are well known around the world; they were used to make films like Pulp Fiction and Raging Bull. For home movie makers, it's ideal to have access to programs like this. Because it's compatible with nearly every video format in use today, Lightworks' functionality is one of its coolest features. It has a wide range of video editing effects like color correction and real-time effects accelerated by the GPU. This makes it one of the most advanced free video editing programs available, which means that someone who knows how to edit videos effectively would be able to take full advantage of Lightworks' abilities.


This is a video editor that anyone can use to create videos quickly and easily. This video editor is great for people who like to get things done quickly; it doesn't have many editing features. The key to video-editing programs like Apple's Final Cut Pro is that they make it easy to quickly trim footage and make edits. This can be useful for uploading trimmed videos to the editing program.

Anyone can use these best video editing software programs to make professional-level movies without spending any money. All of the most popular video editing programs are completely free, and they provide users with powerful tools for movie creation.