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Editing Professional Videos With Adobe Premiere Software

Software and hardware improvements over the past two decades have made it much easier to edit movies on a home computer. Anyone can use Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer or similar software to make professional videos. Before this, editing movies on a home computer was practically impossible due to technical limitations.

Editing Professional Videos With Adobe Premiere Software

Adobe Premier is a great choice for editing movies, videos and other raw footage. It's extremely affordable, has many advanced features and is easy to use. It's available for both the PC and Mac and can be run on any computer with enough power.

Premier is a video editing program with many helpful features. It has codecs for importing almost any video format; this means there's no need to transcode the footage before importing it into the program. Additionally, you can export the final edit to many different formats, deliver it online, burn it to a disc and export it to a hard drive. This makes Premier an excellent choice for time-strapped editors.

Ideal for more advanced users, a non-linear editor allows you to edit footage in any way you want. For example, a good film editing package can help you create movies that break all the rules: they can be vertical or even out of order. It also helps to have a program like this if you want unlimited creativity.

Before you place clips into the timeline, you can edit them and add custom effects to them. You can also create sub-clips by copying and adjusting other clips in the timeline. Hundreds of customizable effects, transitions and other functionality are available.

Video editing software provides hundreds of third-party plug-ins to choose from. Plus, some of the included plug-ins are very advanced and provide a higher level of quality. An excellent demonstration of this concept is the 3-way color balance tool. With just a few minor adjustments, this allows users to match two clips to appear similar in lighting conditions. Making these small adjustments can have a big impact on the overall look of a video.

Adobe offers a number of additional programs besides Premier. Photoshop is one of these programs; it's great for manipulating images. May also consider OnLocation, which enables you to capture footage automatically on location. Another good choice is After Effects, which can be used to add motion graphics or effects to your project.

There are lots of tutorials and trials of the software out there. You can use these to get started with Adobe Premier Software on either a Mac or PC. The professional video editors at top companies use this software to create amazing videos that they later sell. I highly recommend using this software; it's definitely worth it.