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What Is the Difference Between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365?

Currently, Microsoft Office products need to adapt to the changing demands of the public. Many new features were added to Office due to the increase in cloud usage. People can choose to use Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365— which is the same product with several added updates and additional functionality. However, there isn't much of a difference between the two unless people consider the changes significant.

What Is the Difference Between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft's traditional business package for MS Office costs about $100 for one download. It allows you to use the latest version of the software, normally for a price of about $120. Instead, subscribers pay a monthly fee to use Microsoft Office 365. It contains most of the same features as the traditional package and even includes Word and Excel in the cloud.

Microsoft’s Office Pros and Cons list both positive and negative aspects of the program.

Microsoft Office comes as a one-time purchase; you can use it on any number of computers. You can also update to a newer version at any time without paying for additional licenses. Overall, the software itself looks the same as the MS Office 365 package. However, many people realize that purchasing MS Office again to update is a hassle.

Why Office 365 Has Both Positive and Negative Aspects

Microsoft Office 365 offers a great subscription service with many benefits. Aside from being compatible with a number of devices, it also provides features similar to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office costs more than using alternative software suites. Monthly office software subscriptions from Microsoft cost upward of $3.10 per user. However, using alternative programs saves money by comparison.

Additional features and capabilities make Office 365 from Microsoft a more cost-effective choice. This makes what you get more effective for your money.

By downloading the app to your smartphone, you aren’t hindered by needing a traditional work computer. This allows you to work more effectively while on the move.

As a result, you receive automatic updates and receive help anytime by phone or online.

Microsoft Office 365 includes a lot of security features. These include robust security systems that haven't been compromised by hackers despite being connected to the cloud. However, there aren't many customizations possible in this program. Also, because it connects to the cloud, Office 365 has a higher cyber threat level than other programs. This is something most businesses won't mind since it doesn't limit their customization options.

Which business method is best for you?

The ease of accessing useful documents and emails anywhere is a huge draw for businesses on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Many small and medium-sized businesses will see the benefits of this service, not to mention the cost reductions that come from switching to it. One problem many businesses will run into is how Microsoft Office 365 integrates with their existing software. This makes it difficult for them to easily adapt to this new system.

Working through a secure email service with a good cloud provider eliminates any commercial roadblocks. This leads to using instant messaging, web seminars and sharing documents between teams.